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A goldsmith's workshop that brings your ideas to life


The founder of Obizzi is Stefanie Glatz. After many detours that took her to Paris, Brussels and Barcelona, where she studied international economics, she finally fulfilled her dream of learning the art of goldsmithing in 2013. Forms of architecture, art and nature serve as a constant source of inspiration for her, as do colors, textures and materials that she encounters in everyday life or while traveling. One of her great passions is to transfer the ancient art of goldsmithing into the modern present. Old goldsmithing techniques such as sand casting, Ossa Sepia casting and Cire Perdue (lost wax mold) are used and reinterpreted. Pieces of jewelry from the Obizzi goldsmith workshop have a wide variety of surfaces, tactile and visual aspects are combined to create a total work of art.

About Portrait Obizzi 1010 Wien.jpg


Stefanie Glatz


Stefanie is a passionate goldsmith, a true Viennese and mother of three adorable children.

Away from her goldsmith's studio, Stefanie is an avid traveler who explores the world, discovers new cultures and draws her creative inspiration from the impressions of her travels.

Stefanie's unique passion for collecting is evident in her love of penguins of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's miniature figurines, stuffed animals or paintings, she has an impressive collection of penguins from all over the world.

Another quirky collection is her beer coasters. Each beer mat tells a story, be it from a faraway place or an unforgettable evening with friends. Stefanie finds joy in the little things in life, be it making delicate jewelry, discovering distant countries or collecting memories, be it in the form of penguins or beer mats.


Elisabeth "Lissi" Eberharter

Head Goldsmith

Lissi, the talented goldsmith from the picturesque Zillertal, is always full of good humor and openness. She approaches life with infectious enthusiasm and is always ready to experience new adventures. Her curiosity knows no bounds and she is known for always attending different courses to perfect her craft and learn new skills.

Away from the goldsmith's workshop, Lissi is a great draftswoman and painter. Her creative works are impressive and reflect her passion for art. But Lissi is not only at home in the world of art. She loves swimming laps in the waters of Vienna's swimming pools and exploring nature while running.

In the Obizzi goldsmith workshop, she displays remarkable composure, even when her workbench is overflowing with numerous projects. Customers particularly appreciate her loving nature and empathy, which make buying jewelry a personal and unique experience.

Papier Obizzi Illustrationen Werkstatt Altmann und Kühne_edited.jpg
Papier Obizzi Illustrationen Werkstatt Altmann und Kühne_edited.jpg


Stephanie Bacher

Goldsmith & dearest friend

Stephanie is not only valued at Obizzi as a gifted goldsmith, but also as a loyal friend and inspiring companion. Her passion is her family, her dog Yoko, jogging, her friends and her creativity. The latter can be admired in her workshop in Klosterneuburg under the label "Fani Jansen".

With her unique sense of humor, she regularly causes sore cheek muscles in our studio. As the person primarily responsible for the window display designs at Obizzi, she plans and implements every detail with dedication. Every Thursday she is an integral part of the studio and contributes significantly to the atmosphere. Stephanie is not only a valued colleague, but also a valuable friend and source of inspiration for everyone who knows her.

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